The Dumfries-Triangle Rescue Squad (DTRS) was formally organized on January 8, 1957 and began operations with one ambulance donated by Cope Ford of Triangle. The men who had organized DTRS were sharing space and affiliated with the Dumfries Triangle Volunteer Fire Department (DTVFD) at that time.


In February 1959, the 21 member squad of DTRS formally separated from DTVFD and applied for a formal charter from the Virginia State Corporation Commission. When asked about the separation from DTVFD, DTRS member Ed Publicover responded, “separation is to permit the Fire Department and Rescue Squad to expand in order to keep pace with a growing area.” In 1959 DTRS had 3 ambulances in its fleet, 2 that it owned outright and the other was on indefinite loan from the Civil Defense Authorities.


On April 2, 1959 DTRS was granted its charter. According to our records the following 22 individuals are listed as the charter members of DTRS: Fenton Abel, Herbert Anderson, Adam Durniak, Alfred Durniak, Jack Fick Jr, Ward French, Thurman Gay, Joseph I. Gnoffo, Paul Hedges, Bascome J. Henley, William F. “Pappy” Keys, Miller B. Lewis, Wyatt Long, John F. Pattie Sr., Carey M. Perkinson, Phip Ponder, Edward A. Publicover, Allen Reno, Robert Varner, Crossin Willis, J. Carroll Wolfenden, John Zeets


That year DTRS elected its first official officers. Records show the following individuals as the 1959 officers for DTRS: Jack Fick Jr (President); Carey Perkinson (Vice-President); Bascome Henley (Captain); Bill Rainey (Lieutenant); Francis Keys (Secretary & Treasurer); Edward Publicover (Sergeant); H.B. Stanley (Sergeant).


In 1967 the DTRS Junior Squad was established. This marked the first junior squad to be established in Prince William County. On April 9, 1967 VirginiaState Delegate Stanley A. Owens swore in the first officers of DTRS Junior Squad. These officers were: Don Mercer (Captain); Allen Barbee (1st Lieutenant); Van Keys (Sergeant); John Fick (Treasurer); Art Milona (Secretary). In addition the following individuals were listed as members of the junior squad Bill Yarnall, Lee Hise, Tom Fraizer, Mike Taylor, George Ford, Ted McInteer, Harvey Anderson, Ted Petts, Larry Liming, Ron Clark, Warren Towne, and Eddie Dixon.