March is Flood Awareness MonthMon, Mar 14 2011

Protect Your Family & Home From Flooding  

The Department of Public Works urges property owners and residents to take precautions against potential flood hazards in Prince William County. Residents of flood hazard areas can take several steps to safeguard their families and property when flooding occurs. 

Steps to Take During Flood Conditions

• Heed all flood warnings.
• Do not walk through flowing water. It can knock you off your feet.
• Do not drive through a flooded area. The road or bridge may be washed out. 
• If possible, cut off electricity, water, and gas supply.

• Be wary of animals, especially snakes.

 Steps to Take Before Flood Conditions Occur
Purchase flood insurance
Standard homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover a property for flood damage. If your property is located in a flood hazard area, you should purchase a separate insurance policy for flood damage. The average flood insurance premium in 2004 was $458 a year. You may call NFIP at 800-427-4661 if you would like more information about flood insurance.  
Please call the County at 703-792-7070 to find out if you are located in a flood hazard area.  

2. Protect your property
Take steps in and around your home to safeguard against flooding. Elevate electrical panel boxes, furnaces, water heaters, and washer/dryers (or relocate to a location less likely to be flooded). Install sewer backup valves. Move furniture, TV, and other valuables to the upper floors of your home.
3. Be sure drainage systems are working
Maintenance of drainage systems is critical. Dumping of debris in ditches and streams can partially or completely obstruct the free flow of water. This can cause water to back up and overflow onto roads and yards. Dumping is a violation of Section 22.151 of the Prince William Code and Sections 62.1-194 and 194.1 of the Virginia Code.
If your property is next to a ditch or stream, please help us keep it clear of brush and debris. Call the Environmental Services Division of Public Works at 703-792-7070 to report debris or blockage in a ditch or stream.
Please call the Environmental Services Division at 703-792-7070 to report clogged storm water drains on easements.

The Virginia Department of Transportation takes care of storm drains in the street. You may call them at 703-366-1900.


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